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Susan and Samuel's Columbine Book Club's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Susan and Samuel's Columbine Book Club

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[04 Oct 2006|11:20pm]

sam on the mic: I see. I hope this doesn't offend, it isn't my intent, but I was wondering if you would be willing to part with this sn. I would even buy it from you.
Rebdomine: It doesn't offend, but I could never do that. It's also illegal. But... my work is too important.
sam on the mic: I understand.
sam on the mic: Your work?
sam on the mic: Is this sn involved with your work, or do you mean I am keeping you from your work.
Rebdomine: I use this name to educate people about Columbine, about close to 7,000+ just from this name alone
sam on the mic: Oh I see. I didn't know, I found it through research a friend and I are doing.
Rebdomine: Oh, okay. For school? Or just curiosity?
sam on the mic: Both. She is doing something for a college course about it, and I am just personally and emotionally into it. It's always interested me, and I wanted to know all I could about it. What's really got me into it deep is Brooks Brown's book.
sam on the mic: I just bought it the other day.
Rebdomine: Oh, I see. That's great that people are still reading it... what did you make of it? What did you learn?
sam on the mic: Well, right now I'm half way through. I've always empathized with Eric and Dylan, (not that I don't think the loss of other life is horrible as well) but I always understood where they were coming from. But, the book so far does a good job to paint a more accurate picture of who they really were.
sam on the mic: The media portrays them just as "monsters" or "the work of the devil" but they really weren't.
sam on the mic: They laughed, and made jokes, and cared about people at times, had plans for their futures just like anyone else.
sam on the mic: They made a bad choice, and what happened is a tradgedy for everyone involved,
sam on the mic: but the book so far shows that it goes far deeper than what the media portrays, and it isn't write to just write them off as heartless monsters.
sam on the mic: They were obviously in a lot of pain, from multiple sources not just "being picked on a little".
Rebdomine: That's awesome that you get that out of it. That's exactly what Brooks was trying to show people
Rebdomine: I think people find it too easy to call people monsters and leave it at that
sam on the mic: Yeah they deffinately do, and usually the case is the ones pointing the finger, have no place to be doing so in the first place.
sam on the mic: How many politicians or civilians that are so quick to label others, do you think are involved in drugs, sex scandals, lies, etc.
sam on the mic: It's really sad.
Rebdomine: Oh yeah. Probably all of them
sam on the mic: I was wondering, could my friend speak to you at some point for her research project?
Rebdomine: Of course :)
sam on the mic: Thanks, I appreciate it. I don't mean to take up too much more of your time, but is there anything personal you could tell me about Eric or Dylan, maybe things you have heard from your friends that knew them?
sam on the mic: I'm just trying to really know who they were.
Rebdomine: Well, Dylan was really intelligent, he loved to think about things to do with space and the universe and things like that, not necessarily aliens but other planets and galaxies
sam on the mic: And Eric?
Rebdomine: Eric was sarcastic, always had everyone laughing so hard from his sense of humor
Rebdomine: he wasnt as dry as people make him out to be
sam on the mic: Well thank you for your time, it was a pleasure speaking with you.
sam on the mic: Thank you for being so open too.
Rebdomine: No prob, anytime. I'm always open to it :)
Rebdomine: Sorry I'm not too talkative. I'm gathering data for a website
sam on the mic: Oh it's alright. I understand. Is it on Columbine or something else?
Rebdomine: Yeah, actually it is lol.
sam on the mic: Is there a URL yet?
Rebdomine: Yeah. I've had the site for years actually. I'm just now putting together a list of other incidents, that link isnt up yet though still working through some of the formatting :) its www.dylanklebold.com
sam on the mic: I am reading through it right now, I like this so far I'm gonna read through it all, but I have to go get some stuff ready for work tommorow, but we will talk again soon, and thanks again!
Rebdomine: Ok cool no prob youre welcome!
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Another book I bought [04 Oct 2006|12:07am]

x-posted from my journal.

It's on an 8th grade reading level, but it's so interesting:

I was doing directed observation at Storm Lake Middle and during the special needs class I noticed a very pale and lanky boy with it. It intrigued me since (1) he is in the so-called "reading disabled" class (which I won't even get into...let's just say this kids can do more than the fucking counselors at the school expect of them) and (2) it looked like he was reading it for pleasure. It has an odd title and I researched it when it got home. It's about a social outcast in high school who ends up disappearing and no one knows whether he killed himself, was murdered, or just simply ran away. After reading the synopsis, I thought "Why is lanky, pale kid reading this?!" So I bought it to see what the middle school-aged student is interested in. This boy...is so adorable. He is so awkward and underconfident and during class wouldn't participate when the teacher asked the class to put their thumbs up if they understood. He keep one hand at his cheek the entire time and formed a thumb there, but wouldn't raise it. He also didn't do the work...he looked lost...I WAS LOST! And I'm a junior in  college! This special needs class sucked...the teaching. But anyway, I wanted to help him, but in direct ob, you can't--you just sit there and take notes. Anyway, I figure I might volunteer at least next semester when I have more time. I wasn't planning on being in middle school since that age sucks--I hated those years--but those kids in that class really touched me. I almost cried. I knew this is what I'm supposed to do. ::cue sentimental music:: but serisouly. Those kids are fucking awesome. I can't wait to see what it's like to be in a classroom. I am excited...I am terrified...

LOL I posted that in my own journal, you may have seen it. I recevied it in the mail today and read a few pages. Seems sad. You should read it, too. I got my copy used from a library in the Bronx. I suggest you read it also!!!!! But after Brooks' book, of course.
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Getting This Started Tonight [03 Oct 2006|08:43pm]

I would have written sooner, but I can't seem to put the the book down long enough to post! Just letting you know I'm still here. I'll be posting tonight after I read some more.
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Reb 'n VoDKa...hails \m/ [28 Sep 2006|12:33am]


Buy that book soon. Mine is coming in the mail soon :)
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